Friday, March 03, 2006

Let the excitement begin! Jennifer took her first drive through Doha tonight. For the uninitiated, driving in Doha has a bit of an Indy 500 feel to it. People drive very fast and don't necessarily stick to designated lanes or follow traffic "rules." It's a bit wild. Fortunately, we moved here from New Orleans, where traffic rules are only made to be broken...though not out of aggression. That's the difference we have to get used to. People drive like mad here because they want to get where they are going. People drive like mad in New Orleans because 1) they are mad, or 2) they are just very relaxed and aren't particularly fussed about how they get there as long as they get there and isn't it convenient that their cellphones come with a car... :)

Jennifer needs to remember to bring her camera along on new excursions. Tonight, we took an evening stroll on the Corniche (the road and walk that runs along the bay). The temperature was HEAVENLY with a gorgeous breeze, and apparently every other resident of Doha had the same idea we had. The place was PACKED! We will definitely post photos after our next stroll there. Such sights!

Soon, we will also post more photos of the hotel. This place is unbelievable. Our favorite is the HUGE chandelier in the main lobby. It's amazing. You'll have to see it!

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