Monday, March 20, 2006

It seems we may be leaving the Ritz this week! The company won the battle for housing (i.e., we got tired of fighting them). Palm Plaza it is, with the promise of a move to a nicer compound in the future when one becomes available. Last week, we selected a house. The company housing dude said he would have it professionally cleaned by Monday of this week, and then our shipment could be delivered on Wednesday. The house has carpets in the bedrooms and lots of heavy drapes, so we are hoping the house cleaning will include thorough steam cleaning of those items...but we're not counting on it. Ah well. At least we know where we'll be living.
Although we greatly dislike the compound, the house itself is relatively nice. It has four bedrooms and a little garden in the back. The kitchen has a new stove. We got the only one that had a full bath in the downstairs guest room. We'll cling to the little things. :)

In other news, we picked up our car and have arranged to buy a second (absolutely must have two cars here). The settling in process has begun.

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Marilyn Wilson said...

Jennifer et al,

Just sent Markus a "blog" of sorts from the EMBA class and he gave me this URL. How wonderful!!! I'm going to pass it on to Jamie, too, so she can see what you're up to. Sounds like you are coping well. I just read "Poisonwood Bible" which is about a missionary family adjusting to the Congo - it's fiction, but very interesting. I'm glad you will be getting into your house soon. I also hope that you will find a group of younger women with children so you'll have someone to relate to. I'll keep the URL so I can check on you guys.