Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What a trooper! Ellie had her 2-month shots today, four of them in total. Yowch! She was amazing. She didn't cry until injection #2, but for that and the remaining two shots, she was so unhappy that Jennifer got teary too. Ellie recovered well, though. She stopped crying before the nurse had even left the room and then slept for much of the day. Poor wee one, but what a trooper! If only Momma handled shots that well...
It's hard to believe she's already two months old, and she is growing like mad! She weighed in at 11 pounds, 7 ounces and measured 23.25 inches in length, putting her in the 75 percentile for her age. Big girl!

Still no word on our move, except that Malaysia is out of the running. Although we had listed that as our first choice, the head honcho in Brunei did some behind the scenes wheeling and dealing with Malaysia to get them to drop out of the fight for Markus. Brunei seems extremely keen on having Markus there, but so does Qatar...the battle continues. Given the lengthy time difference between the two, their hours for doing battle are limited. Who knows when we'll hear the final word?

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Karly, James, and Sam said...

Yay Ellie (and Mama!) for getting through the first round of shots. They're always so difficult to watch, but it sounds like she handled it beautifully. It is hard to believe that Ellie is already 2 months old...she is growing up so fast!

Sorry that your first choice has been knocked out of the running. Hopefully, wherever you end up going, you will enjoy being there.

Say hello to everyone and give Ellie kisses from Sam!