Monday, November 07, 2005

It has happened. We have discovered blogging. Life may never be the same again! After spending endless fascinating hours reading friends' blogs and websites, we decided it was time we join the general stampede to publish info on the here we are!
We may actually be a day early with this. Tomrrow is P-Day. No, that's not what we meant! P-Day is "Posting Day", the day we (theoretically) will find out where our next posting will be with the all-seeing, all-knowing Pectin (Shell). The top three choices are Miri (Malaysia), Qatar, and Brunei. Norway is in the running, but it's unlikely we'll end up there. The final choice is up to the grey-haired men in The Hague, not us...but we promise to let you know when we know.
For now, we are biding our time in Houston (our post-Katrina home), freshly returned from a trip to Virginia to visit friends and family. Markus was able to join us for a long weekend, and we all had a great time! Virginia is beautiful right now, bursting with the fall colors we sorely miss here in the South. (Once Jennifer figures out how to post photos here, you can see those fall colors for yourself!) The trip meant special time for Ellie and her Mimi (Jennifer's mom). Also on this trip, Ellie got to meet her great grandmother in Virginia Beach and spend more time with her great grandfather in Alexandria. Jennifer was able to see two of her best girlfriends (hooray!). When Markus arrived, we trekked into D.C. to meander the Mall and tour the International Spy Museum (but we aren't allowed to tell you what we saw or who was secret!). The one thing we can reveal is that Jennifer knew spying truly was not for her when she saw the "rectal kit" (we'll leave that to your imagination).

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Vivienne said...

I am glad that all of you are doing well. I am doing well myslelf here at College. Please do let me know where you are going to end up and i want to know your adress where you end up so that i cna send you things. i hope it is somewhere that you want to go. well i am glad all is well with you. my parrents and sister say hi along with me.