Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
These past three months have been the most intense of our lives. Starting with Katrina, life has been in almost constant upheaval and flux...but we have so much to be thankful for this year, and we want to take the time to acknowledge that! Though we are unable to return to our house in New Orleans, we do have a house in New Orleans. Our belongings were spared. Even the scooters are still there, untouched by flood or thief. Houston isn't our first choice for living environment, but we have a nice apartment there and wonderful friends who have lent us the necessary furniture to make it livable for the short run. Although Jennifer's dad didn't evacuate the Gulf Coast for the storm and his house was flooded, the damage was relatively minor given what could have been, and he has a safe home. The hospital he used on Keesler AFB was badly damaged, but soon, he will be able to begin the chemotherapy that his body badly needs to fight his cancer, so (although it will make him feel worse in the short-term) we are very thankful for that. Markus was able to spend some valuable time with his mom and sister recently, despite the circumstances. Jennifer and Ellie have been able to make multiple trips to Virginia to visit friends and family there. And Ellie...the most wonderful blessing of all!

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