Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter solstice

pretty little snowflakes

The first day of winter.  Naturally, it snowed.
It was just a little snow, but it was enough to satisfy the hungry heart of our Ellie, who was thrilled.  When we told her the weather forecast, she simply shrugged, saying "Of course it will snow!  It is the first day of winter!" as if we really were too simple-minded for words.

When we awoke the next morning to a thin layer of snow blanketing our world, she was over the moon.  She ran into our room before dawn, begging to go out and build a snowman.  She couldn't wait another second, so she dressed quickly and was outside in her snowsuit before we had even budged from bed.  We could hear her delighted cry (something like "Hee-hoo!" packed with as much pure delight as you can imagine), and that brought us to the window to watch her.  After breakfast, Papa and Stephanie joined her outside.  It took almost every bit of snow in our yard (front and back), but with Papa's help, they did build a snowman/snow Gruffalo/ "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer Snowman".

getting the snowman started

snow Gruffalo or reindeer or whatever he is

A bit later, we all walked into the village and went to Starbucks for their ever-popular-with-our-girls donuts, and people couldn't seem to believe our girls were wearing snowsuits in the 2 inches on the ground.  We encountered no other kids, so it was funny to realize that ours were the only kids out and they had been out for hours.

little snow fight

Several weeks of winter ahead.  We look forward to many more snow days of joy to come!

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