Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Big girl milestone!

After weeks (months? years?) of requesting, the parents finally agreed that it was time for ear piercing.  I had always told the girls that they needed to be 7 years old, but the closer she got to her 7th birthday, the less Ellie asked.  I thought she was waiting, but she was changing her mind.  By the time she did turn 7, she insisted she needed to be older, perhaps 9 or 10.

Stephanie, however, was more than ready to get hers pierced.  Someone was 7, so why wait?  The urgency increased dramatically when one of the girls in her class got her ears pierced.  Two other girls had theirs pierced as babies, leaving only Stephanie and one other girl without pierced ears.  She just couldn't accept that.  She began asking up to five times a day until finally over Thanksgiving holiday, Papa and Mama agreed it was time.  We managed to get to her wait until the day everyone went back to school and the mall was empty again.  I took Stephanie to get her ears pierced last Tuesday.

Stephanie gets her ears pierced

Stephanie gets her ears pierced

She is sooooo proud!  We have shown these earrings to everyone we can.  Although she's still too shy to talk to people she doesn't know, she does insist I talk to people we don't know so I can tell them about her getting her ears pierced: people in shops, other moms at school, big kids at Ellie's school, people in line at the grocery store as well as the check-out person...everyone needs to know!  Without fail, everyone asks if she cried or if it hurt, but she proudly answers no to both.  To my amazement, she didn't even flinch when the woman at the mall pierced her ears one at a time.  Cool as a cucumber.  I told her she is a tough little nut, which she also proudly repeats to anyone who listens.

Naturally, the questions from all these people flowed back to Ellie.  Why don't you have your ears pierced?  Don't you want them?  Honestly, I'm not sure Ellie was ready.  She was still feeling quite anxious...but one cannot have one's little sister upstaging oneself for long.  On Saturday afternoon, Ellie got her ears pierced too.  Papa came along this time to witness the milestone.

Ellie gets her ears pierced

Two big girls with their ears pierced!  Amazing.
(although in this photo, I still really see the baby her isn't gone quite yet...)

  baby cheeks on our big girl

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