Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Ellie's surprise party

Weeks ago, Ellie started looking ahead to her birthday (this Friday!).  All she wanted, she said, was to have a surprise party with her friends (from Australia...sigh).  I couldn't make that last part happen, and I was a bit worried about the first part too.  Although we live on a street overrun with little girls (22 on our street!), we haven't really made friends with them yet.  I wasn't sure how we could do a party, what's more a surprise party.  And then, it all worked out.

This past weekend, we drove to Northern Virginia to visit family.  With school starting on Wednesday, we knew this would be our last chance to drive over there until Thanksgiving.  While it was a bit whirlwind and exhausting, it was worth it!  We all enjoyed extra time with Mimi.  I was able to have a nice solo chat/visit with my grandpa and a girls' night out with my mom, sister and my grandpa's wife, Barbara.  The girls enjoyed their first iced custard while we visited Uncle Bob, Christina and baby Lily.   On Sunday, my sister and her husband, Matt, hosted a family brunch.  When she called to check the menu with me, I asked if perhaps we could have a balloon or two and call it a surprise party for Ellie.  Then, my mom got hold of the idea and there was no way she could stop at a balloon or two!  It was a full-blown, super-exciting princess-themed surprised birthday brunch party.  And the girl who only wanted a surprise party for her birthday this year...did she love it?  Decide for yourself.

birthday girl!

so excited!

Uncle Bob

surprise party banner

silly boys

opening presents

See those curled up feet?  That is true excitement.
Thank you to my family for this truly special event.  She was/is so very happy.  I know she will never forget it.

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Lavender Hearts said...

That looks like a very special surprise party - and one happy Ellie!