Thursday, June 23, 2011

Getting ready

It has only really just occurred to me this afternoon that I will be boarding a plane tomorrow. I am completely unprepared for this. Truthfully, there isn't much preparation to be done. I am traveling alone and headed towards summer, so I'll be traveling very light. The thing is, I'm not used to Markus being home all day in my disarray. I'm afraid he will organize it while the girls are at school, and then I will never find anything ever again (though there's always the chance I'll see it when we move). So, I've spent the day cleaning. It takes a lot of work to clean this house, lemme tell ya! Now, I'm supposed to be organizing my desk. The computer is on my desk...and you can see what I'm doing. Ahem.

Apologies for not updating about the girls as promised. Stephanie has a little cold (mostly just nose, no fever or anything awful). She has been an incredible little trooper, and the days are pretty normal. The nights, however, don't bring much sleep. Her nose is stuffed and wakes her continually. She wants me to sleep with her for comfort, but she's a light sleeper who cannot sleep if someone is with her. We were awake-though-trying-to-sleep from just past midnight until 4:30 the other night. At around 4, Ellie finally heard us and woke up too; I nearly cried and possibly wasn't very pleasant at that point. I'm so run down that now I have a headcold too, though I'm fighting it. I just wanted to sleep all day (not going to happen as a mama!) but figured I could unwind when Markus came home...except he came home more ill than I am! Poor man. What timing! Oh well. At least my version of it doesn't seem too bad, and Stephanie's hasn't turned into anything nasty yet.

Wish Markus luck and good health as he becomes Mr. Mom for the next 10 days! I leave tomorrow night! US of A, here I come!

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