Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ellie's writing

I've been meaning to update about the girls' development. Both of them are growing and changing so much these days that it's time to record it! Last night and this morning, Ellie worked on something in my notebook that got me kick-started on this new series of posts: she wrote a little story!

Much to my surprise, Ellie hasn't been inclined to read and write much up to this point. While we don't doubt her ability one bit, we haven't put much pressure on for a few reasons. Ellie is so perfectionist that she hates to demonstrate a skill until it is mastered (not particularly good when it comes to reading but...). If pushed, she may abandon the skill entirely to avoid this. We don't want her to feel a strong aversion to reading or writing. Although most of her peers are reading now (Montessori gets 'em early), we recognize that this is still quite a young age for reading and it isn't necessary that we push it yet. Her school also insists on cursive, and we suspect she might find that too hard though she wouldn't dare going against a rule and writing in print instead. All that being said, I was thrilled when she took possession of a notebook on my desk and produced this:

Ellie went to
a shop and
got cookies and
the cookies had
Smarties and the cookies
had sprinkles and
everyone got one
cookie. One day Ellie
was driving and
Ellie was getting cookies
and Stephanie got
one cookie. Papa went
on holiday and when
he comes back he got
us a birthday
cake it was baby's
birthday cake.
Stephanie and Ellie
and Mama and Papa
was going
to Bali at Bali
we had lots of fun
and saw monkeys
and got cookies and
the cookies had Smarties
and had sprinkles
and the sprinkles
and Smarties were

Did you notice a cookie theme here? Guess what we're baking today.


Mimi said...

Oh this is so precious! You must save it forever and ever! She is quite a good writer! Her penmanship is remarkable for one so young! How dear is that little Ellie? VERY!!!!

Mimi said...

Reading this again. because it is so precious. Brings to mind a little silver cardboard box that houses a few Christmas ornaments in it, and has for years and years and years. That box is precious to me, because on the lid, in cursive very similar to Ellie"s, Beth had written "ortmints"

Dawn said...

Good grief -- she's just 6 years old! This is AMAZING!