Monday, March 14, 2011


Our girl is three years old!

What I left out of the last post because I felt it deserved its own post was STEPHANIE TURNED THREE while we were down in Albany! The Birthday Girl spent almost the entire day in her Birthday Suit. The clothes came off while we were at the boatshed market early in the morning (it fronted a beach) and we were in the rest of the day, where she could be free as the little bird she loves to be!

We started the morning with our family's traditional birthday bretzel which I'd made at home and brought down with us. It was our first morning in Albany after an after-dark arrival, so Stephanie woke up on a farm on her birthday with kangaroos, cows, an emu and horses (her favorite!) in view. We couldn't have planned a better start to the day for our animal-loving girl!

In the afternoon, our friends joined us for cake and good times.

The water balloon toss was a HUGE hit with tons of giggling all around...until Will was twice over the victim of an exploding balloon. We changed up the order (I had been tossing to him, a rather unfair disadvantage for him) so the kids were mostly tossing to each other, and they had a blast. We kept it to three water balloons (Stephanie turned 3!), so it left them wanting more. I think we'll definitely keep it as a birthday tradition.

And of course, we appreciated the special guest, Enoch the Emu. This was our first day with him, and Alan showed us how Enoch would come when you whistle. He let the kids stroke him, and Stephanie was enthralled. She spent every day after chatting with him at the fence. But what third birthday in Australia would be complete without photos like these?


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azure said...

Happy Belated Birthday Stephanie... Already three? Wow!