Tuesday, March 15, 2011

She's in!

Today was Stephanie's first day of school! She went for two hours, and when I arrived to pick her up, she was so engrossed with the button frame--tongue out, brow furrowed in concentration--that she didn't even notice me. She wasn't even sitting with Ellie; she was happily working on her own. Lydia tells me that she didn't cry after I left (though she cried before I wriggled loose) but she did cling to Ellie for a long while. Ellie got her interested in a few things, helped her set out her own morning tea, and stayed close to her for most of her morning. Much to Lydia's surprise, Ellie informed her at one point that she had set up Stephanie with some drawing because, "I need to get back to my own work." Wow. They both did beautifully well! This mama, on the other hand, was teary when no kiddos were watching this morning, cried her way back to the car after prying Stephanie loose at the classroom door, and generally wore herself out in the first hour of separation. Mamas. Whatcha gonna do?

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Lavender Hearts said...

Oooh Jennifer! Fabulous to hear the girls did so well and I'm not at all surprised it was harder on you than on them. Mama's a tough role to play ...