Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moving day approaches!

After nearly five months of looking, we settled on a house (to rent) in Mosman Park, the same suburb where Ellie's school is located. We think this choice will be even more appreciated next year when I'm taking them both to school, then picking Stephanie up earlier than Ellie. That's six school to's and fro's, five days a week! The commute from Mosman Park to Perth city for Markus is double the time from our house in Claremont, but he only does that twice a day versus six times. It's a drag, but reason wins!

Thus far, I've been pretty displeased with the entire situation. We've been so plagued with issues in our current house, but on the whole, we really like living here. We also really hate moving within a posting unless it's absolutely necessary. It doesn't feel absolutely necessary, so when the owners decided not to renew our lease, I was rather put out. They did so on the pretense that they were going to start the major renovations it will take to get this house in good shape, which they cannot do with tenants because of asbestos (true). We always suspected that they were lying, that this house would be turned around and rented out again (perhaps for more rent) as soon as they can replace the carpet in the mushroom room. It turns out we were right, though the speed is even faster than I'd anticipated. Our house is already listed online on rental websites. It is listed as "available now" (real estate agent lingo for "unoccupied"), which really raised my blood pressure when I saw it Monday morning. I've been infuriated by the injustice of it all. We report things to maintain the house, they don't do it, they don't adjust our rent accordingly, then they kick us out and look for new tenants who won't know...but will soon find out. Grrr. It made my blood boil. I wanted to write a letter to the local paper, naming names and our address just so everyone will know what they are getting with whom.

But that doesn't serve any purpose, other than exponentially increasing bad will (my own included). Markus advised me to let it go, to be happy we are moving to a nice, new house that should (ideally) be relatively problem-free. And I was, sort of. I know he is right, and I want to move on. I am frustrated to be waiting out this move. The new house is unoccupied. We are still here, waiting, but that will end soon. The movers show up on November 1st, and the show will get on the road.

And then, yesterday, it rained. It rained like it hasn't rained in months. It poured cats and dogs! And you know what? The house leaked like a sieve! The kitchen skylight poured water onto the floor. The "repaired" gutters never caught the water, which instead seeped (as always) through the boards, bypassing the drains and sink wells, flooding the backyard. The ceiling of the laundry room was damp. I was overjoyed! VINDICATION!

So thank you, God, for sending that soaking rain. The plants needed it, and so did I. It washed away my frustration and replaced it with gratitude that we have a new place waiting for us. I am really happy about our move now. I am ready.

Incidentally, since this blog is friends and family only, I can share our new address. As of November 1st, our address will be:

Klingbeil family
134 Wellington St
Mosman Park WA 6012

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Karly said...

Sorry about the stress of the move, but SO GLAD you got that much needed rain!!