Sunday, October 31, 2010

It begins!

Today is the day the movers arrive and start packing! The house looks like a bomb. I abandoned all attempts to get it organized and ready for the move, because frankly, all thoughts of the move were stressing me out. In interests of self-preservation (and preservation of my family), I surrendered and let the bomb explode. Should make packing interesting, but I don't have to do it!

I would like to keep you updated on things as we go, but a fact of technology is that we will soon be without internet for the week. I don't understand this phenomenon, but all utilities except internet can transfer in a moment. Internet will go out here today and not be switched on at the new house until Friday. In the interim, Markus will have email access at work and I will have sporadic access through my phone. The blog will have to wait until the weekend.

We enjoyed a fantastic weekend together as a family this past weekend! Markus's sick grossness finally broke on Saturday evening. It just lifted and was gone. Hallelujah! He was out sick all week from work, and we are sure this will cause all manner of mayhem for him there this week. Oh well. There was nothing to be done about it but wait for the germs to be defeated. Defeated they are, so we are thankful for that. My body abandoned the sick as soon as he came home gross. Although the week was very challenging for all of us, we are all well now! Just in time to move!

Also just in time to move, the outlet for the dryer had a little explosion just this morning! I'm serious. There are black char marks all around it and the smell of melted plastic lingers in the air (don't worry; the circuit is shut down). I was trying to get laundry finished before packing, but that load in the washing machine will have to be air-dried. The dryer is no more. The wiring in this house is CRAP. And IT'S NOT OUR PROBLEM ANYMORE! Yippee! Tra-la-la! The movers start today. Tomorrow night, we sleep in our new house! Away we go!


Lavender Hearts said...

Hope you're settling in well!

Karly said...

Hope the move went well and that you're getting nicely settled in your new home :-)