Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family kayaking

Perth is the greatest outdoors location we've lived in yet (and it's hard to imagine beating it elsewhere)! Between the river and the sea, the parks and the playgrounds, we have countless options for outdoor fun (as long as we are sun smart). Almost as soon as we arrived, we purchased our sit-on-top kayak for simple paddling around in the river. Eventually, we added the fancy pants Hobie adventure islander to it. Then, for Markus's 40th, we bought the Hobie cat. We have three boats for four people, two of whom are five and under. Hm. It tends to mean we don't get out nearly as often as we'd like and certainly no where close to as often as Papa would like. For months now, he's had a vision of all of us out on the river together. Yesterday, we finally made it happen!

We had a fabulous time! Granted, it took far longer to set up and put away the kayaks than we spent paddling, but in my book, it was totally worth it! The girls really enjoyed the trial run, which means they'll be happy to go again. Next time, we hope to last longer. Maybe we'll take a picnic and paddle to a picnic spot and back again.

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