Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Blessings in the afternoon

Yes, the morning was challenging. I think the most interesting moment was when Ellie pulled out a long strip of toilet paper, wiped her bum and then re-rolled it all (with wiped part somewhere in the middle). But the afternoon brought this...

...and my heart is full of peace and joy and love for these wonderful little people and all their glorious crazy.
I am so blessed.


Lavender Hearts said...

Jennifer, it's so lovely that even after a day which has thrown "challenges" at you, you're able to count your blessings - I must do the same!! x

Christine Johnson said...

I LOVE the hugs on the trampoline photo :)
i know what it's like - my two are the same... just when they've driven you crazy they suddenly become super sweet and adorable :)