Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Over the weekend, we decided to celebrate a little victory by treating ourselves to lunch at the Millbrook Winery and a visit to Araluen Botanical Gardens. Unfortunately, lunch was a bust. Stephanie missed her nap and was too tired to eat, Ellie was just too choosy to eat, and Markus's meal was so unsatisfying that he didn't eat at all. Oh dear. At least there was Araluen afterwards to enjoy, and we were thankful too for their little tearoom.

Stephanie has discovered chips/fries and ketchup. (Ellie still can't understand the appeal.)

Both of them fully understand the appeal of ice cream!

And oh, the sugar high that followed was oh-so-very high!

Good thing there was a lot of space to explore and roam...

...and Papa to climb on as well.

We all had such a great time at Araluen that on our next visit, we plan to pack a picnic and just stick to what we know works! (more pictures in the flickr pool in case you'd like to see)

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