Monday, December 28, 2009

Practicing writing

When I reemerged from the extension after putting Stephanie to bed tonight, I found Ellie sitting at the table outside, working intently. She had found a pen and a small square of notepaper, and she was "practicing writing."

She wasn't trying to write words, though we know that will come soon. She can write her name (and "Mama"!), but for now, most of the time, she just enjoys the letters themselves. When she ambled off to bed, I deftly whisked this precious paper away for my Mama Treasures stash.


schlelly said...

What an amazing work of art!! The piece reminds me of a Japanese print artist named Keisuke Serizawa. This is a picture of the particular piece it reminds me of: . I LOVED visiting the Municipal Serizawa Keisuke Art Museum of Shizuoka where I lived. A treasure for the artists mother and many others!

schlelly said...

ps. the picture I linked to is an artistic version of one of the Japanese "alphabets".

Anonymous said...

So sweet! And she loves those capital letters, how expressive! This is SUCH a treasure!