Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

Today is Boxing Day. To Americans, this doesn't mean a whole lot. It's not a day we recognize, but here Down Under, they follow the British model (and European, to some extent), making Boxing Day another big day in the Christmas tradition. So, what is Boxing Day? It is rooted in a tradition of charity and giving to the less fortunate. In the Victorian era, workmen would collect gifts on the day after Christmas (Christmas boxes) in return for good service provided throughout the year. Now, it's a bank holiday and often the start of post-Christmas sales. What does that mean for us? Again, not a whole lot. We try to spread our giving throughout the year, so Boxing Day is just another day off. This doesn't mean we don't make the most of it!

We used the morning to take a leisurely stroll through King's Park. As the four of us lolled in the grass, enjoying the abundant sunshine and refreshing breeze, we once again counted our blessings and realized how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy the goodness that is life in Perth. If you found a climate just like Perth's anywhere else in the world, it would be overrun. Fortunately (and sometimes unfortunately), Perth is so isolated and remote that overcrowding isn't an issue. It's easy to lounge about in the sun and enjoy, because really, that's what you do here. Lucky us!

Although wildflower season has well passed, King's Park is in full bloom. I have a particular affinity for Kangaroo Paws (yellow flowers top right). We also enjoyed the banksia (yellow flowers, second from bottom right) and the red blooms on the Short-Leaved Something-or-Other (sorry, but I don't remember the name)(bottom right). What a gorgeous day!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful gallery of pictures, you really are such an awesome photographer! Love love love the sentiments as well. Yes you are blessed, we all are, and thank you for knowing it and sharing it with all of us!