Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pics of the Week

Just when I thought life with a 2 year old couldn't get any more challenging, Ellie caught a cold. We had a little micromanager with a situation she couldn't control. She found the copius snot beyond comprehension, and the last-day chest-clearing coughing just made her mad. Ellie seems to agree with her papa that being sick is a complete waste of time and energy, and being germ-ridden is no good. Thankfully, it was just a little cold, and she is (nearly) back to full steam after a trying four days.

Ellie is becoming more and more 2-year-old-y every day. She completely runs the household. I say that you always wish for your children to be really smart until they are. She is a CEO, and she manages her two staffers like you wouldn't believe. When baby #2 comes, I'm sure baby will be managed as well. There will be none of this conform-to-the-newborn's-schedule foolishness!

Speaking of baby #2, the pregnancy is going really well! The exhaustion of the first trimester is behind us, and the heavy sluggishness (and insomnia) of the third trimester has yet to begin. The second trimester is the place to be, and I'm very comfortable here!

Settling back into routine has felt wonderful. Children thrive on a schedule, and so does this full-time mom. Ellie resumed music class this week. While we were away, the teacher changed locations to accommodate for the larger group size. She also was able to add a closed session for regulars, and we got into that one. Hooray! Now the group is not too big, the songs are all new, and Ellie is so happy to be back! This week, we celebrated Halloween a little early in music class and the kids dressed up. Ellie wore her new princess dress for the first time. The dress is a birthday present from Mimi (thank you, Mimi!) that Ellie picked out herself (see her carrying it daintily out to the car).

Until this week, she hasn't wanted to put it on, but instead has been fully contented with stroking the big glittery skirt in appreciation. Of course, once she had it on, she didn't want to take it off. Ellie was far too interested in all the new songs and sights of her music class this week to stop and pose for mama paparazzi, but I will try to get more pics of her on Halloween.

Being home again has also meant visits with friends. Ellie had a playdate with her friend Hannah, and Mama had a playdate with her friend Katja (whom Ellie loves). Mama and Katja met up for kaffee und kuchen (coffee and cake), and Ellie enjoyed her "baby-chino" (steamed and frothy milk sans coffee).

Yesterday morning, we even made a trip to the zoo. It had been a long time since Ellie had visited her favorite animals, and she was anxious to check in on the giraffes, elephants, "kitties" (AKA tigers), and butterflies. Unbeknownst to us, right now is school holidays for Dutch kids, and the zoo was indeed a zoo. We opted for visiting our favorites and running away home, which wasn't such a tough call on a cold foggy Dutch day.

One more tidbit of new activities to report: Jennifer has started piano lessons. I have wanted to learn since I was in grade school, and I figured it was time to stop saying, "I wish I knew how to play" and just do it! My lessons are only 30 minutes each week and no recitals (HOORAY!), and I'm very excited! I also resumed yoga class after three months' hiatus and was made to regret my lack of discipline in not practicing on my own while I was away (so sore the next day!). I'm very lucky to have such a supportive partner who not only encourages me to take time for myself, but also takes such good care of Ellie while I do that I can really enjoy it (she doesn't miss me at all).

That's about it for us. What's new with you?


azure said...

Well since you asked, here's the under 10 second version:

I live with the parentals.
One parental(AKA p1) celebrated a milestone birthday this week. Azure had a great idea as to what gift to give said parental. Made the silly mistake of telling other parental(AKA p2) who in turn told my brother who lives far away. Brother decides that the gift needs to be the latest and greatest and plants a seed in p2's head and turns Azure's fairly simple birthday gift into a big production. So much so that p1 still does not have gift, and Azure is NOT pleased.

You know there's more to the story, but that's the short version. Okay Jennifer, I now agree, I need to start podcasting.

NOTE TO SELF: start looking for podcasting equipment.

Gail said...

Crazy coincidence: I just made upside down sticky pecan cupcakes two weeks ago. No lie. I imagine that our ingredients may have differed a bit, but I am sure that yours were as fantasticaly sinfully delicious as ours!

the dipe squad said...

Why am I not surprised, Gail? ;) I have to put these cupcakes toward the top of my list. They are amazing! If we were Catholic, they would merit confession (I certainly ate enough for that). Hope to see a blog update for you soon! I've been waiting for the Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Azure, seems like all is proceeding as usual way down south. Same old, same old, yes? ;)

azure said...

Yes, the parentals are the same. While at times they can be highly entertaining, when their tomfoolery comes at the expense of Azure, it's not nearly as amusing. But luckily, with the gift, p2 now understands the gift better be here this week. I overheard a conversation in which it was said, "We have to get the gift resolved by Tuesday, otherwise, I'm going to have to come and live with you and the grandkids."

But hey at least 2 lanes of the bridge is opening on Thursday, with a five hour extravaganza on the taxpayer dime. BTW, not that you're keeping track, but the bridge is opening Thursday, Peter Anderson is this weekend, and election day is Tuesday. Did I mention that the current transportation guy who's overseeing the bridge is running for re-election? There's no coincidence there. I took some pictures, and as soon as i can figure how to send them I will.