Friday, October 19, 2007

How To Win Friends and Influence People

Call and announce you have made pecan pie.
I'm expecting a pie-eating guest within the hour.


Anonymous said...

I understand 100%...I totally would have been there for pie if it didn't require a flight across the ocean :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, and now you put up the picture to complete the torture :) It wasn't there when I posted the first time. Looks fabulous!


the dipe squad said...

It's entirely possible that this pie could be worth the flight. If not, I'm sure I could cook up some other food that could help in my favor. ;)
Any excuse to see you will work!

Gail said...

Jennifer -

I wholeheartedly agree with Azure's comment in your previous post. Tell me: why is this a bad plan? One caveat: please work on a vegan version of this pie to bring with you to Hawai'i.

I noticed your plea for book recomendations. Free time for reading whole books- you know, actual novels (Harry Potter being the exception because there is always time for HP!) - has been hard to come by here, so I have no recent novels to recommend, but some tried and true standbys include:

"Girl With a Pearl Earring", "The Poisonwood Bible", "The plot Against America", "A Fine Balance", "Middlesex", "Midnight's Children", "Into Thin Air"
... I'm sure I'll think of more to add as soon as I post this!

You may have read all of these already - I know you've already read my favorite, P&P. I am currently working my way through "The Omnivore's Dilemma" and I have two on deck, so to speak, that friends have lent to me: "The Inheritance of Loss" and "The Namesake".

I hope that helps!

Lee said...

Mmmm... looks VERY good. Yes, I'll have a slice, please. Just made banana bread, so I'll be happy to send that your way in exchange :) As a side note... Guns, grems and Steel by Jared Diamond is amazing (won a Pulitzer) and Modoc, The Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived, is simply heart warming.