Sunday, September 02, 2007


Today is yet another gorgeous fall day in The Hague. Somehow it feels a lot more sane to say that now that it's September instead of July. The trees must agree. Yesterday, we noticed the leaves are starting to turn. They've been waiting all summer 'til now so they don't look too confused, but September 1st was the kick-off. Not that we're complaining. After almost 5 years of summer year 'round, our shorts have earned a rest. And although it's been rather cool, the weather has been relatively good to us with lots of sun and little rain by Dutch standards. Between England's flooding and Greece's heat and fires, we are most content with our fall weather (even when it was July).


Anonymous said...

I wish we had fall here...unfortunately, it's just that Mississippi Delta heat that seems like it will be neverending. Enjoy that beautiful weather, and please take some pretty tree pictures for those of us who don't get fall!


the dipe squad said...

Wow! Thank you for being so diligent with the comments, Karly! You are awesome! I had to post my "woe to me" because I kept checking in to see an entire blog worth of no comments. It was sad. This is so much nicer! And don't worry. I'll be plunging back into the MS heat soon myself. Ellie and I are headed stateside at the end of September once again for the never-fully-repaired house. Alas! At least given the heat, our packing should be light. :)

Anonymous said...

Fall! Glorious FALL! Wonderful fall!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!