Friday, April 13, 2007

Good times with good friends

This evening, we enjoyed a visit from our friends Michiel and Aafke and their three gorgeous blond kiddos. Beautiful springtime weather allowed for a relaxing dinner outside. The kids ran and played like mad things, and the adults were able to sit and chat over good food at (once again) the delightful family-friendly place nearby.

The weather has been amazing this past week or so. We have been blessed with sunny day after sunny day. Ellie and I are being sure not to take this for granted, and we have spent all available time playing outside. Indoors, the dust bunnies are starting to get territorial, but they may have to wait for a rainy day before there is serious intervention.

I realize I've been running a picture-heavy blog recently, and today will be no exception. Here are a few more shots of our latest fun. The first two were taken on Oma's last day in town out at the Scheveningen beach; the other is pretty self-explanatory. Ellie is just as dessert-obsessed as her mama. I have myself (and her papa!) to blame.

We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend!


Azure said...

You've only NOW figured out that you run a picture heavy blog? That's funny. South Mississippi has been having gorgeous weather. I think it's because the rest of the country is going through a cold snap. I'm just enjoying it while our good fortune lasts. Especially after the hurricane predictions came out for the year. Yikes! Glad to hear you're doing well.

Gail said...

Wow. Miss Ellie and I have the exact same appearance in the aftermath of chocolate ...

the dipe squad said...

Now there's a picture we need to see on your blog!