Friday, June 08, 2012

Look who can crochet!

We are in Ocean Springs, visiting Grandmary.  The girls managed to con Grandmary into crocheting them new baby doll purses, as it is so cruel and wrong that theirs are in the container and we haven't seen them in over two months.  Watching her work, Ellie decided she wanted to crochet too.  Mary taught her the chain stitch, and away she went!

Look who can crochet a chain!\

She is so proud!

Super long crochet chain

Now she's on a roll.  This morning, she set to work making the longest chain you can imagine a six year old child wanting to make.  The chain is a scarf, a clothesline, a giftwrapping ribbon and about four dozen other useful items all in one.  I'm not sure exactly what was going on in this picture here, but I think they were on safari, trying to capture something.

Crochet chain everywhere

Who knew crochet could be so good?

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