Saturday, December 24, 2011


I have been very absent from this space this year, leaving you a picture of a girl peeing in the river as your touchstone with us for the past month plus. Oops. The truth is I posted that as a funny and I hadn't remembered to come back and post more of our daily lives since then.

I don't know about you, but I find the year slams into warp speed just before Thanksgiving. We compounded this by taking a little family vacation just then, arriving home the week of Thanksgiving (and five important birthdays, nearly all of which I missed or acknowledged belatedly--again, big oops). Since then, it has been warp speed, Mr. Sulu!

The girls have been out of school since December 9. That has been a very good thing. As much as Ellie loves middle primary, she was ready for a break. Stephanie never happily resettled into school after our holiday, so she was extremely ready for a break. We've been keeping ourselves busy ever since. I find I have no time once again, which is a readjustment from having weekday time while they were both in school. Now I have NO time until they are in bed, but by then, I admit I'm pretty tired and useless. The summer days mean the birds start at 4:30am, the sky is light by 5, and the girls haven't slept past 6. After 6 years of living with these little early risers, I wish I could say I have adjusted to hitting my day with both feet running at such early hours...but I haven't!

Now, Markus will be home with us for the next week plus (hooray!), so we'll have some nice family vacation time at home while Perth empties as its residents head for Bali, Rottnest, Margaret River...and we enjoy all the beauty that life at home has to offer. A Christmas swim in the Indian Ocean, anyone?

Merry Christmas!

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