Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rosie was here!

Last night, well after she was supposed to be asleep, I heard Ellie's light flick on. She was up! Why? She finally managed to work loose the tooth she had been wobbling for over a week. The Tooth Fairy was coming! She could hardly contain her excitement! I tried tucking her into bed to sleep, telling her the Tooth Fairy wouldn't come if she was awake, but she had an answer for that (of course). Ellie said on the very first tooth she lost, she was awake when the Tooth Fairy came. Her own Tooth Fairy's name is Rosie. She has a pink dress and pink shoes and a silver wand and yellow plaited hair and she talked to Ellie for a long time that first visit. She could hardly wait for Rosie to come back! And of course, she did! Ellie carried her dollar coin around all day and showed everyone she could.

Ellie is convinced the Tooth Fairy enters our home through a tiny hole cut in the weather-strip of the front door. This morning, she checked for Tooth Fairy dust near the hole and was overjoyed to find some! This time, the fairy dust was white. The first time it was pink. The second time it was blue. She is thinking perhaps Rosie is a rainbow fairy sometimes.

(fairy dust on her hands for all to admire. you can see the hole and her new coin too)

She is so proud...and she's already started trying to wobble one vaguely loose top tooth.

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