Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Setting Figaro loose

You may or may not recall our little canary, Figaro. When we first brought him home, he was silent for nearly 3 months. We assumed he was broken...or maybe a girl in disguise (sorry, Figaro). Who knew he would start to sing so joyfully at such a deafening volume? We love his cheerful song, although I admit we've already come to take it a bit for granted. He's such a sweet little bird.

Markus has been feeling guilty that Figaro lives in such a small cage. We've priced big cages and can't justify it ($250+!), so Markus decided Figaro needed to come out into our home for brief flight and exploration excursion. These pictures are from this weekend, on Figaro's third such excursion. Trying to catch him again is The Devil, but he seems awfully pleased with the freedom while he has it. We are delighted to notice that he tends to stay in the same room with us, even when given free reign of the house. It's rather endearing.

After a while, I grabbed the opportunity for a short nap. Figaro flew in to see what I was doing. He flew away before Markus caught a picture of him at the foot of the bed.

Sweet little guy.

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