Monday, May 09, 2011

The day she adopted the word "fart"

Over a year ago, I read in a parenting book the following analogy about sending your children to school:

You have a canary who sings beautifully. Because you believe it is a healthy choice and the canary will enjoy it, you place the cage outside in the fresh air for a few hours each day. After a while, the canary's song changes as it starts imitating the other birds. Sometimes, you find the sounds quite crude, and you may experience pangs of regret for placing your canary outside in the first place.

This analogy was brought to mind this afternoon. Ellie has been zooming around the house on the balance bike for over 30 minutes (no, I'm not exaggerating), chanting (incessantly):

Mickey Mouse had a house
Beside the movie
When the movie started,
Mickey Mouse farted.
What color was it?


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Karly said...

Tee hee :-)