Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Primed for government work

Ellie is rule-obsessed. Even her imaginative play is completely rule-bound, which makes it challenging for other kids (including Stephanie) to play with her and remain within all set parameters. Over the course of the summer holidays, we tried to create opportunities for her to live free from so many rules, such as water play or free art time where we emphasize how fun it is that there are "no rules!"

We've had mixed success with this training, as evident by this little snippet from this afternoon's painting on tree bark. As we set up, Ellie explained,

There are only two rules:
The rule is you have to use a lot of paint to make nice color on bark.
The other rule is there are no rules.
Those are the only rules! Just two!

I think we're making headway, don't you?

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