Saturday, August 07, 2010

Last day!

We are on our last day in Chiang Mai. Our flight departs at 4pm for Bangkok, where we'll spend the night at the airport hotel before flying on to Perth at around 8am tomorrow morning. Our time here has flown! We have been to two elephant camps (hooray!), visited temples galore, played endlessly in the pool and I browsed shops to my heart's content. It has been a great trip! I can't wait to share photos, but since we have a few hundred (thank you, digital cameras), it will take some weeding out and serious uploading time to flickr once we get home again.

Has the illness passed? Not really. Fortunately, we had a great time despite the unending coughing. Papa's ears and throat got better and then worse again, so we'll be taking him to the GP once we get home. Ellie probably needs to be seen for her still present cough too. Before we left, I was worried about traveler sickness. This is, after all, still a developing country. There are questions about water, concerns about Hepatitis A and typhoid...but so far, so great in that department. I was the prize winner in the food poisoning category. One meal made me sick sick sick...but it was a fluke. We all ate at that restaurant, and Markus and I ate the same thing. I got sick; he didn't. No problems since (and we even ate there again twice). It turned out to be our favorite lunch spot after all.

Although it is very humid here and heavy with mosquitos, we have to admit we aren't looking forward to returning to cold tomorrow. We ARE looking forward to returning to routine, and Ellie really wants to see her friends again. Hooray for a great trip!

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Mimi said...

I am very very glad you have enjoyed your trip! It just goes to show how one person's paradise is another person's torture chamber! "heavy with mosquitoes and humidity" is my idea of h e double hockey stick! I actually do not think you could pay me to go there! Best we meet up in Hawaii, where I can play with the girls in an indoor pool while you two lovebirds go out and play to your hearts content! Have a safe flight home, and let me know how Markus and Ellie are doing. i'll bet he has strep throat, and an ear infection. Poor man, such a saint in my book!