Friday, November 28, 2008

Weekly Video Post

This week, we drove out of Perth to the nearby wine region of Swan Valley. We weren't sure what we'd do there beyond a nice lunch at one of the many wineries, but a quick stop at the Visitor Centre tipped us off to the Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm. If you know Ellie's track record around animals, you'll know this could have gone either way. Our little animal lover has been known to have a complete meltdown at an animal's approach, even seconds after she was coaxing it closer. We parked the car and approached the gate with a hint of trepidation. Either she would love it...or she would be in peril. Would be we brave enough to find out? Before we could change our minds and flee to the safety of the carpark, Farmer Lyn spotted us and gave us the overview. We had to forge ahead...and we are so happy we did! The Cuddly Animal Farm has baby farm animals, and (as the name suggests) most of them are happy to be handled. There is an indoor section where the animals can be fed. Ellie couldn't get enough of feeding the bunnies. She fed them and fed them and fed them until those little bunnies couldn't eat anymore. And Ellie woke up the next morning asking if she could go back and feed them again. The experience was so sweet and adorable, and we are happy we can share it with you as this week's video post.


Anonymous said...

How precious. I have watched it so many times.....I hope I don't wear it out. Love y'all.

Karly said...

That is too sweet...Sam and I both were big fans!

Anonymous said...

I am learning that whenever I open one of your videos, I better have the tissue box handy. So sweet and precious! But WHY do you always make me cry? :-)


Karly said...


I shed a bit of a tear too, just didn't admit it, the song she chose combined with the sweetness of the video was just too much...guess we're still on the same wavelength :)

the dipe squad said...

Mary, you can't wear it out (if you could, Ellie would have done that already)! I'm happy you've enjoyed it so much!

Darling brain-share friends, tear not! Though I do understand the teariness. That song is sooo sweet, and the whole cuddly animal farm experience was even sweeter. Ellie has asked to return every day since, so I know we'll be going back.