Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Latest Antics

With one more stateside day to go, I thought I'd post some pictorial highlights of the visit.

Is there anything better than a Tatonut doughnut? The answer is yes: a Tatonut DOUGHNUT with CHOCOLATE and SPRINKLES eaten as part of a PICNIC at the PLAYGROUND (words in caps are Ellie's emphasis and must be said with a tone of joyful reverence).

Just in case you were wondering what the start of month seven looks like:

And tonight's entry to the history books: Crazy women crash a Christmas party. The Muses had their annual pre-ride get-together tonight. Most ladies were dressed in smart casual holiday party attire, but nothing so simple for the ladies of the title float. Oh no. We had wigs (white girls in afros, black girls in Farrah), glasses, disco ball earrings, and beware the tie-dye. See if you can spot Jennifer "Where's Waldo" style hiding amongst the 'fros.


azure said...

It was so good to see you while you were here. I'm glad to hear the house is more resolved than not. Here's hoping next time you come to the States, it's for good times and Muses fun and not business to do with the house. In other words, have a vacation = a vacation. Take care.

Gail said...

Lookin' good, mama!