Saturday, December 02, 2006

Before leaving this post, I have to share our latest Fun-with-Dutch-Bureaucracy story.
Markus went to change his driver's license from Germany to Holland this week. He had been told it would cost 20 Euro, and that he had to appear in person. No big deal. Cash in hand, he made his way to the appropriate office. There, his 20 Euro allowed him to acquire not a driver's license, but a FORM to begin application for a driver's license. Completion of this form plus supplemental paperwork will allow him to apply for a license change. When accepted, he will give up his license for up to 3 weeks during processing.
Good thing we don't actually NEED a car most days.
Markus found this experience most ridiculous and mildly exasperating.
Jennifer, on the other hand, began to laugh hysterically.
I must be having an allergic reaction to all the red tape around here.

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