Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today is Jennifer's 30th birthday! Yippee!

In honor of my birthday, Ellie decided she needed to keep me occupied every single second doing EXACTLY whatever she had in mind at that second. I think she must have been concerned that I would get distressed about the 30 thing, so she left me no time to contemplate the birthday at all. She is one busy baby, and she has some big opinions to share! Blessedly, Markus came home from work and took her to the pool for a little while. I tell ya, in terms of birthday gifts, sitting in peace for twenty minutes is right up there with jewelry! Not that I'm complaining! Our girl is a doll and you can see from the photo taken this past Saturday that we have lots of good times together! She's growing and learning and refining every day, and it's truly a miracle to witness. Still, I did force a hole into her demanding schedule to bake myself a decadent chocolate cake. It is, after all, my birthday.


I am an Edu-Dame said...


Despite there being no proof to the contrary, I did know that today was your birthday, and I was hoping that you were enjoying every minute of it. There is a package that serves as proof of my memory ... but in all honesty, I got way overwhelmed by all of the movement indicated in your last posting ... and here the package sits, unsent, unsure of itself and where it should go. A simple email of inquiry would have set that package straight, however, I did no such common sensical thing. And here the package sits, in silent judgement. Oh, please send me an email with directions as to whether the package should begin its journey now, if it should wait, where should it go, etc. All parties involved would be greatly appreciative.

the dipe squad said...

Email headed your way, edu-dame! But you bring up a good point, so I'll address it here too. PLEASE DON'T MAIL ANYTHING HERE! Before Ramadan, mail took at least two weeks to arrive. Now, with Ramadan in full swing, we're not sure what will arrive when. We've been waiting for two (important!) packages for about three weeks already, and no mail in sight. Now, we're headed out. We will be sure to email an address around once we get one in The Hague. But THANK YOU for thinking of us! We love mail that's not bills or junk! It will be nice to look forward to some.