Friday, May 26, 2006

Testing one two three!
Can you view this video?
If so, you'll see a happy bathing baby!


I am an Edu-Dame said...

video? what video? (picture one befuddled -and in want of said video - Gail)

Erik said...

Jennifer, try signing up for a free account with VideoEgg. I believe it will work with Macs as well, as you don't need to install any software. Very straightforward to post videos within your blog (but a max. of 5 Mb). If you want to share larger video files, try YouTube (you'll have to send out separate e-mails though to tell friends where to look for it).


the dipe squad said...

Yeah, this video is on YouTube. Posting this blog took over ten minutes, so I thought it would be on there...but there's not even the link! How did that happen? I am clearly not techno-savvy enough.

the dipe squad said...

Hey...look's like I fixed it, yes?