Sunday, February 19, 2006

Off we go!
This Tuesday, Ellie and Jennifer will board a plane and begin the 21+ hour trek (via New Orleans, Atlanta, and London) to join Markus in Doha, Qatar (map courtesy of the CIA World Factbook, We're wrapping up loose ends and saying some goodbyes...though we are always hopeful that we will see visitors before too long. We realize that Qatar is a bit of a stretch for most casual travelers, but there are many desirable locations close-by that we would be happy to see as well!
Markus has been in Qatar for a few weeks already, and his first impressions have centered on the massive construction efforts by the ambitious government. We're looking forward to exploring a bit as a family, and we plan to do much more frequent posting once we are able. Keep checking in on us!

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Anonymous said...

Have the safest, happiest flight possible to your new home! Hopefully four years won't pass before we get to see you again and get to meet Ellie for the first time. Give Markus big, huge hugs when you see him :) We love you all lots and lots,

Karly, James, and Sam