Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's time for some changes.
On Friday, Markus and Jennifer flew up to D.C. with Ellie and the two cats. From there, Markus carried on to Germany to visit family before traveling to Qatar (due there Feb. 1st). Jennifer and Co. stayed in D.C. to visit Jennifer's mom. Ellie is having a blast with her Mimi! The kitties will stay behind in Virginia with the Mimi until we can get settled in Qatar and have them shipped over...or until we find a good home for them here (whichever comes first).
On Monday, January 30, Jennifer and her dad will go see Dr. Jordan Berlin at Vanderbilt for a second opinion. Dr. Berlin was personally recommended and has an amazing pedigree (google him if you don't believe me), so we are very excited that he has agreed to see Dad on short notice. We are very concerned with the current state of Barry's (Jennifer's dad's) health. He has lost a lot of weight (and is continuing to lose weight) and experiences a lot of pain. His current doctor is not nearly proactive enough about these things (especially the pain), so we are hoping Dr. Berlin will give us a new perspective and hopefully a new game plan. Our wonderful family friend, Mary, will be coming along on the trip as well. She will be a great help to Barry during the traveling bit, and she and Ellie will have lots of fun while Jennifer and Barry see the doctor.
Today is Markus's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARKUS! We hope you have lots of fun with your family! We love and miss you!!!!


Anonymous said...

We wanted to wish Markus a Happy Belated Birthday!

We are thinking of you guys constantly right now as you enter this time of change. We wish Markus a safe flight to Germany and then Qatar. Jennifer and Ellie, we hope you enjoy your visit with Mimi! And we wish you a safe trip to Nashville...Vanderbilt is a great place to be!

We love you guys and are here whenever you need us. Big hugs and kisses to all.

Karly, James, and Sam

I am an Edu-Dame said...

Happy Birthday to Markus, and safe travels to all.

We miss you guys (even lil' Miss Ellie, whom we have yet to meet!)

Much aloha,
Gail & Dan