Friday, December 02, 2005

Today, Ellie got a new place to play and nap.
Apparently, so did Oscar.

An update on Jennifer's dad:
Over the past weekend, Barry experienced some extreme pain, so extreme that doubling the dose of his prescription painkiller did little to help. Monday morning, he went to his doctor for a scheduled appointment (he was set to get his catheter for the chemo), and the doctor decided to admit him to the hospital to try to get the pain under control. He was given morphine, which unfortunately made little difference. Finally, they were able to isolate the cause of his pain (problems related, ironically enough, to his painkiller), switched him to a different drug, and VOILA! Much better within minutes. Hooray! This left Barry open to begin chemo without any further delays. He completed round one this Thursday and is home doing well (being vigilantly supervised by Mary and Donna). If the positive trend keeps up, he'll have a round of chemo every two weeks for six months. The battle with his cancer begins!

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